Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pips number 10 is now available for your reading pleasure.
Gathered within these pages we have my attempts to wrangle Rob Jackson's fanzine, Inca into ereader format. There's an Eastercon convention report, my running tales of woe and some speculation about whether con reports are still worth doing. Lots of frivolous fun all topped off with a Steve Stiles cover.
Download it here: Pips X PDF

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Millways Frolics

The Milliways Silly Games Bonanza

Come one, come all to the Milliways silly games bonanza. The universe will explode for your pleasure and then the games will commence. We’ll be doing some Vogon recruitment so sharpen up your shouting and throwing humans out of airlocks skills. There’ll be Runaround, Vote With Your Bums, Towels of Hanoi and Disaster Area Stuntship.

and before all that - The Universe Will Explode for your Pleasure.

“Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, “there’s nothing penultimate
about this one.”
“This,” “really is the absolute end, the final chilling desolation, in
which the whole majestic sweep of creation becomes extinct. “After this,” “there is nothing. Void. Emptiness. Oblivion. Absolute nothing ...”
This ladies and gentlemen is the proverbial ‘it’.”

“... except of course for the sweet trolley, and a fine selection of Aldebaran liqueurs!”

Vogon Constructor Fleet recruitment

A public open access document - How should this be filed?
Explain the process of obtaining a visa to visit Vogonosphere?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
What’s your biggest weakness?

Testing Vogon abilities
Shouting - Resistance is Useless
Stomping - Marching up and down with a fine stomp.
Throwing humans out of airlocks

The winner if they are willing can hang around as Vogon security for the rest of the evening. If any contestants get out of hand then the Vogon throws them out of the airlock.

4 contestants needed


Quiz show where you run around to a different queue depending upon what you think the answer is.

Multiple choice questions are asked and the contestants run around to the station that they feel represents the correct answer. Contestants are eliminated if they are at the wrong station and this continues until there is a single winner or until the heat death of the universe.

Contestants - as many as possibly - minimum of 3

Vote with your Arses

There is a row of chairs, opinion questions are asked and the contestants/victims sit at one end of the row of chairs or the other. The end at which they sit represents how strongly they feel about the opinion. Doug Spencer will be hosting this item.

Towels of Hanoi

Four different sized towels. Move the tower of towels from one place to another place one towel at a time and only placing a smaller towel on top of a larger. There will be two teams and each team member is sent out along the Towel Stations to move the next towel.

There will be 4 team members on each side - 8 towels will be needed - graded sizes

Disaster Area Stuntship

Design and build your own Disaster Area Stuntship from black paper and then send it plunging into a fiery hell (a bit of the hall we designate to be a sun).
The winner will be named as Lazlar Lyricon Engineer of the Year.

Pieces of black card

There will be some prizes knocking about - Haribo buckets containing sweet things.
From 10 until late - Main programme room Friday night at the Eastercon.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Monday, 24 October 2011

Pips 08 The Taff race interviews for 2012

It's that time again. 3 candidates slug it out in the ring of fandom to see who will be voted in to represent North America at the 2012 Eastercon at Heathrow in the United Kingdom.
 The candidates this year are; Jacq Monahan, Warren Buff and Kim Kofmel. I managed to get interviews with Jacq Monahan and Warren Buff but Kim and I just couldn't manage to connect up. Eventually we decided it would be better if she just sent me some audio files that she'd recorded on her phone. I put all these things together and offer them here for your listening pleasure and I hope it will help you to decide which one you wish to vote for to come across to the UK next year. You'll find the voting form on the Taff web site, .
Here's the audio file containing the interviews Pips 08 The Taff Tace Interviews for 2012
and here's the link to this podcast episode in Itunes
Finally for all those of you who prefer your entertainment in text form - here's a link to the transcribed PDF of the interviews - Pips08.pdf Enjoy

Friday, 22 April 2011

Eastercon 2011

I had so many good intentions. I had learned a good deal from the Eastercon podcasts I did last year. I arrived at Illustrious with my both my microphones, the microphone stand, the laptop and a whole host of special effects to add ambience to the podcasts. However, my wife was running the newsletter and I was sucked into its voracious orbit. More and more of my time and energy did it consume so that I didn't get time to do my podcasts. I did manage one, very tired and slightly drunken podcast and intend to do an audio con report here in a couple of days.
Twas great to see everyone there and despite it not going to plan (certainly not my plan anyway) I throughly enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing everyone next year at the Radisson.

Episode 01 - Illustrious 01 - The Arrival - where I arrive at the Eastercon Hotel, find it's not too shabby but there's a turd in my toilet.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pips06 - Discussing Virtual Corflu 28

Corflu 28 took place on the 11th to 13th of February, 2011 at the Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale, California. There were about 50 people there all wandering about, chatting and generally having a good time but my podcast here pays only passing notice to these people. I spent this weekend interacting with this convention via the Ustream channel and chatting to other virtual attendees via the chat screen there. It was a lot of fun and a rather unusual situation. To explore the experience a little more I interviewed a couple of the other virtual Corflu attendees, Christina and Doug, and I’ve monged this chat into an aud
io podcast for your delight, delectation or indifference. The interview is bookended by snippets of the song, Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton for no other reason than that I like the song. To hear more of his music or give him money visit the web page,
To check out the ustream channel then try this link
There's a whole bunch of videos there from the weekend.
Meanwhile - hope you enjoy the podcast/audio fanzine - Pips 06
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pips05 - The Taff Special

This is Pips 05 - The Taff Special featuring interviews with the 4 Taff Candidates:
Paul Treadaway, John Coxon, Liam Proven and Graham Charnock
Pips05 - The Taff Special

Download in Itunes

This was a very enjoyable podcast to do. Lots of fun chat from the prospective pond hoppers and quite a few opinions on fandom, fan funds, fanzines and how to pronounce Liam's name.
I've always felt a real affection for Taff. It's a community coming together to do something remarkable and continuing to do it year upon year. This year it's happening once more and we have Paul Treadaway (conrunner, Cambridge resident and beer connoisseur), John Coxon (Physics student, fanzine fan and all round enthusiast), Liam Proven (man of many talents and a past Prez of ZZ9) and Graham Charnock (a Wrinkled Shrew) displaying their wares so that they might carry off the laurels of victory.
Listen to the podcast, do your Google searches to find out as much as you can about the candidates and then vote to decide which one of them you think should be inflicted upon North America.
Lots of useful info here about how to do voting and where to send your money.