Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pips05 - The Taff Special

This is Pips 05 - The Taff Special featuring interviews with the 4 Taff Candidates:
Paul Treadaway, John Coxon, Liam Proven and Graham Charnock
Pips05 - The Taff Special

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This was a very enjoyable podcast to do. Lots of fun chat from the prospective pond hoppers and quite a few opinions on fandom, fan funds, fanzines and how to pronounce Liam's name.
I've always felt a real affection for Taff. It's a community coming together to do something remarkable and continuing to do it year upon year. This year it's happening once more and we have Paul Treadaway (conrunner, Cambridge resident and beer connoisseur), John Coxon (Physics student, fanzine fan and all round enthusiast), Liam Proven (man of many talents and a past Prez of ZZ9) and Graham Charnock (a Wrinkled Shrew) displaying their wares so that they might carry off the laurels of victory.
Listen to the podcast, do your Google searches to find out as much as you can about the candidates and then vote to decide which one of them you think should be inflicted upon North America.
Lots of useful info here about how to do voting and where to send your money.


oldman said...

I find it hard to believe no one has has commented on your splendid podcast. So I thought I would. I thought it was excellent, expecially the way you managed to edit out me swearing.

jimmowatt said...

Thank you kind sir and I promise I won't tell anyone that our interview was actually 4 and a half hours long and reduced to less than 10 minutes once I removed the swearing.

jimmowatt said...

Latest Taff news: Graham Charnock has released a whole bunch of badges and a campaign poster. They are 3 pounds or 5 dollars payable to Taff.
A really cool idea. Go to Graham Charnock's site to find out more

James said...

What an excellent piece of work. It's great to get a little more insight into all four candidates in one place. I'm now even more confident we'll have a fantastic TAFF representative, whoever wins.